2 Pc Homegrown Grinder by Cali Crusher -2.35″


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2 Pc Homegrown Grinder by Cali Crusher -2.35″

Cali Crusher presents the revolutionary American made Homegrown Grinder. This is the next level in grinder technology, packed with features unseen by any other grinder before. The Homegrown grinders are made of top shelf Aerospace aluminium with indestructible radial cut blades that are covered under a lifetime manufacturer warranty! Cali Crusher have taken every problematic feature of their classic grinder and redesigned it for overall improvement. Homegrown in San Diego, California.

Colors: Pink, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, and Red

Colors may vary, please let us know if you have a preference in the comment section, and we will do our best to get you the one you want!



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