5ml Fruity Ooze Sprnklz Terpene Infused Bong Water Enhancer


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Sprinkle in some terpenes to boost bong water flavour! Sprnklz add a delicious yet subtle flavour to each inhale from your favour water pipe. These flavour enhancers are designed to enhance the flavour of flower rather than mask it. Whether you’re not a big fan of the natural taste of your buds or you just came across a lacklustre strain, flavoured bong water can really improve the experience! Ooze terpenes make a great match that will highlight the natural flavours of the cannabis flower.

4 Different Flavours: Banana, Coconut, Tropical Fruit, and Orange

Flavours may vary, please let us know if you have a preference in the comment section, and we will do our best to get you the one you want!


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