Canadian Lumber Hippy Cones 6 Pack


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Canadian Lumber Hippy Cones 6 Pack

Canadian Lumber rolling papers bring you as close to the raw plant as you can get with their all-natural and unrefined cones. They’ve even replaced the glue seal with an Arabic gum seal (triple distilled tree sap sourced from a conflict-free region in West Africa). Because Canadian Lumber papers are all unbleached and unrefined you can see the raw fibres intact in the paper, allowing for a natural even burn. These papers are tested at Canada’s Guelph University for allergens, and European TUV SUD certified for product ingredients, you can be confident in what you’re smoking.

Canadian Lumber pre rolled cones come with an axe printed on the filter with soy ink and measure a total length of 98mm with a 26mm filter you have a full 1¼” paper to fill and consume.


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