Cleaning Essential Oil Set Plant Therapy


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Do you love making your own DIY cleaners? Do you love the way your house smells right after a good cleaning? Then our Cleaning Set is perfect for you! The essential oils in this set are known for their crisp clean smell, getting rid of the toughest dirt and improving any DIY cleaners. Set includes 100% pure essential oils and Synergies of Germ Fighter, Tea Tree, Citrus Burst, Lavender Population, Peppermint Supreme and Lemon. 10 ml Undiluted Comes in a NEW attractive wooden gift box Essential Oil Suggestions: For bathrooms we like to use Germ Fighter. For the kitchen we like to use Tea Tree and Lemon or Citrus Burst. For floors we like to use Peppermint or Lemon. For living spaces and bedrooms we like to use Lavender. For more usage ideas, please visit the individual product pages of Germ Fighter,Tea Tree, Citrus Burst, Lavender, Peppermint Supreme and Lemon.


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