Lime 6oz Essentials Seeking Balance Candle


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Lime for zest to Awaken

The power of color and fragrance in one holistic candle, for a greater sense of health and well-being. Joining the health and well-being trend, Root Candles’ Seeking Balance® line combines the science of aromatherapy with color therapy, allowing the stresses of your day to fade away.

Seeking Balance® Essentials, twelve single-note, essential oil inspired fragrances to further enhance a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Our new 6 oz. Square Glass is the perfect size to burn singly to boost each Seeking Balance® characteristic essence or burn two or more together to create a customized aromatherapy experience.

• Saturated with fragrances containing essential oils
• Filled candles feature our all-natural soy and beeswax blend
• Colored with all-natural vegetable-based dyes
• Wicks featuring all natural fibers

Candle Care & Safety
Remove paper dustcover prior to lighting. Always burn on a protected, non-combustible, heat-resistant surface. Handle candles with care as containers may become hot. Do not use if the glass is cracked, chipped or scratched.


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