Pure Air 50C Ion Generator Plug-In Air Purifier


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SALE! pure Air 50C Ion Generator Plug-In Air Purifier

Smelly areas of your home or business are easy to resolve with pureAir 50, which allows total control over the output of advanced oxidation and ionization. Use it in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pet areas, and any other location where the source of foul odours is unavoidable.

pureAir 50C is a small plug-in air purifier designed to combat some of the strongest odours in your bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, or other small spaces. Bacteria, viruses, pet odours, cigarette smoke, mould, and mildew are all kept in check with the effective purifying combination of Activated Oxygen and Ionization.

Its small size is perfect for travel, allowing you to take fresh air anywhere. Simply plug it in and turn the dial to your desired level of purification. Don’t settle for stale or stinky air when the solution is just an outlet away!


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