StrawSkin Vapor Straw & Silicone Sleeve


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The StrawSkin is made of high quality, specially formulated silicone that is heat and impact resistant. This means you can easily take dabs wherever you are and store your hot straw without waiting for it to cool. The StrawSkin also protects your glass vapor straw from accidental drops. The StrawSkin is available in a silicone sleeve colours and includes a high quality, wide-tip, shrink resistant glass dab straw.

To use your dab straw, remove it from the StrawSkin and heat the tip to your desired temperature. Once heated, place the tip into your wax storage container and inhale through the mouthpiece. Once done, simply place the straw back into the StrawSkin and be on your way. There’s no easier way to take dabs on-the-go!

Colors: Black | Pink | Blue | Green | Orange

Colors may vary, please let us know if you have a preference in the comment section, and we will do our best to get you the one you want!


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Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange


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