The Essential Collection Reveal Set


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Life is full of ups and downs! Whenever you feel like the world is pressing on you just a little too much, or you just need to hit pause in order to re-center yourself, these stones can remind you to take that time to reset and recollect.

All you have to do is pick the stone based off which energy you need the most and hold it or place it in a visible area to remind yourself to balance.

Stones Included:
– Clear Quartz: The master healer and energy transmitter
– Amethyst: Promotes transformation, healing and cleansing
– Kyanite: Aides in communication and brings tranquility
– Fluorite: Increases concentration and promotes positivity
– Blue Calcite: Clears old energy patterns and increases personal motivation
– Citrine: Promotes engery and encourages self-expression.
– Rose Quartz: Promotes love, self-love and friendship.

Each stone in this pack is one of a kind and genuine, just like you! These stones have been sourced from regions all over the world, and have been especially picked for their unique beauty and inspirational properties. Since each stone went on their own personal journey to find you, please allow for minor differences in color and shape.


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