Transformer Bong Kit


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Start off your Transformer Tubes collection with this complete Galileo water pipe! Constructed from affordable, lightweight and durable polycarbonate, the same tough material used to make bulletproof windows, each piece twists together easily with a large double helix thread that forms a tight seal and won’t become stripped or worn.

The base stands on a stable 6-inch wide round foot and comes equipped with a rubber grommet and borosilicate glass slitted diffuser downstem and a randomly selected glass slide bowl. Both have 14.5mm glass-on-glass joints, so they’re easy to replace and you still get the clean taste of smoking from quality glass! The ice chamber can hold a few cubes for cooler smoke, and the 12-slit dome percolator breaks up smoke into bubbles with increased surface area for smoother, filtered hits. The mouthpiece is flared for a comfortable toke.


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