You MUST soak your lenses in saline solution for at least TWO HOURS before putting them in your eyes as they are stored in a preservative.

Lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours at a time

Fashion contact lenses are easy to use and take care of. If you have never worn contact lenses before it might seem daunting, but with a few simple pointers and a bit of practice you will be able to wear any of our lenses with ease. When you wear contact lenses, the most important thing is safety – your eyes are precious! Our contact lenses are safe to wear but please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read the instructions to make sure you are using them correctly. To wear contact lenses, you will need contact lens solution and a contact lens case for each pair of lenses. Without these items, you cannot use and store your lenses safely.

Consult an Optician before Wearing Lenses If:

  • You have a previous eye-related condition
  • You have severe visual impairment
  • You have previously experienced problems when with contact lenses

Do Not Use Contact Lenses If:

  • You are suffering from eye-irritation e.g. due to illness or contamination
  • You cannot use them according to the safety instructions on this site
  • You do not have contact lens solution to soak and store them
  • The lenses have expired
  • The lenses are torn/damaged – each pair is inspected before they are sent out to ensure they are in perfect condition.

Remove Your Contact Lenses Immediately If:

  • You experience any pain when wearing lenses
  • Your vision becomes impaired when wearing the lenses
  • Your eye becomes very red when you insert a lens

Contact Lens Care

It is important to care for your contact lenses correctly – this will keep your lenses soft, safe to use and looking better for longer. If you do not look after your lenses correctly, you may experience eye irritation, so always take the time to clean and store your contact lenses correctly. We will include a care sheet with your order. They will tear easily if handled with two hands, try to only use your fingertip.

-The Loox Fashion Lenses are a one size fits most.

Contact lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours at a time